Mental Health Week May, 2019

Northwest Counselling recently delivered a Take 5 Steps to Wellbeing course which was funded by The CLEAR Project (Health and Social Care). Two groups we worked with were located in the Faughan Rural Community Hub and the focus of our attention was to discuss rural isolation for older people and how best to create solutions for their well-being.

Connect / Re-connect with our family and friends, neighbours and colleagues at work because these relationships are very important in everyone’s life.
Keep Learning: Education is a vital part of everyone’s living and is important throughout our lives to continue to learn regardless of age and ability.
Active: Being active is very important not only for your physical health but also for your mental health as recent research has identified that physical exercise can have great benefits for your mental health.
Take Notice: Being more observant can certainly enlighten and colour your thinking, people often take up hobbies like art, photography, fishing, reading etc. All these hobbies introduce the possibilities of enjoying nature.
Give: It is a very positive thing to give your time to a person or a community group that will assist other people to become more active in their lives, very often it’s in that we giving we receive.

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Be Active

Helping to improve your mental health.

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Keep Learning

Keep Learning / regardless of age and ability

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Very often in giving we do receive