About Us

A little something about NorthWestCounselling.

Formed in 2002, NWC is a non-profiting making organisation which provides specialist counselling and support to individuals to overcome problems, bringing about a positive change in their emotional wellbeing. The organisation is based in Greysteel, Co. L/Derry. The safe space at the NWC office has enabled the organisation to become a leader in the delivery of counselling services within the North West and has provided development of partnerships with statutory and voluntary organisations.

NWC delivers counselling for GP practices, Social Service Departments, Education Authority for Northern Ireland. The organisation also welcomes self- referrals from members of the public by phone or email (contact details on website).

NWC has also played a role in specialist work for HMP Magilligan. NWC has been awarded the Gold Standard for Accessibility from Change a Little, Change a Lot (promoting awareness of disability in the community).

Northwest Counselling Ltd seeks to advance health and save lives of people within their catchment areas who have been identified or referred as being at risk or emotionally unwell. Through using specifialist techniques we aim to improve their coping skills, helping them to understand their condition and effectively manage their problems and deal with their past or present issues. This ultimately can result in a positive life-change, by reducing the liklihood of self -harm, reducing stress and anxiety and also positively impacting their families, friends and work colleagues.

When possible we aim to provide post counselling support which helps with integration of clients back into society, with a more stable mindset to participate in family life, a work environment and community engagement. NWC and all counsellors/admin staff work with the code of ethincal standards laid down by the Irish and British associations. Beneficiaries include all those needing one form or other of mental health support who are referred for counselling, as well as immediate others who also benefit as a result of the clients' managing their mental health conditions more effectively.